2002 Established 75 PROJECTS DONE 1142 HAPPY CLIENTS 1.5 Million Sq.Ft. Living Space

Rediscover the joy
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Since the inception in 2002, Alekhya homes has forged an outstanding reputation for its credibility and quality. Alekhya’s projects comprise of landmark real estate developments in Hyderabad. Emphasis on quality guarantees our customers an exceptional experience in any of our residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. With the development division at the core of the business, Alekhya Homes has delivered over 2 million square feet of residential property space. 17 Years – 75 Projects.


The Beginning

Two generations of property development, we’ve worked hard to support and add value to our client’s aspirations and objectives. We consider our clients to be our partners and insist on transparency and ethical business practices. It takes time to grow a reputation and the work we are delivering now is the result of years of continuous efforts of building trust and relationships with our clients.

Like most evolving brands there is a story behind it, an interesting journey as we turn back the clock almost three decades back where the genesis of Alekhya Homes started. The foundations were laid by Kurra Sambasiva Rao in the early ’80s to build living places that enrich the lives of the people who use them. The journey started small but what was not small was the vision of the founder. With a clear objective to deliver the best possible quality product for its customers. The focus was on ultimate execution and craftsmanship. What followed was a stream of happy customers and landmark projects across the twin cities.

Continuing in the family passion for building homes with utmost quality and craftsmanship, thus evolved the brand Alekhya Homes in early 2002 by second-generation entrepreneurs sowing the seeds and taking the journey to the next level, what stayed intact in the last three decades was to build properties that made our clients happy. We are happy when our clients are. That’s why we apply ourselves to exceeding their expectations – and that’s why so many are delighted with the quality of our design and the effectiveness of our service.

Above all we know, we can achieve nothing without excellent partnerships with the people who make delivering them possible and we are privileged to have some of the best craftsmen and vendors who have stood steadfastly for over three decades and two generations of our business.

At Alekhya Homes, we’re always there. We’ve worked to support and add value to our client’s aspirations and objectives. In our pursuit to give the best property solutions, we have added an independent Architecture & Interior Design Studio and Property Management Company to our portfolio. Our mission is to create delightful buildings and spaces.


Our Business



At Alekhya Homes, we are happy to say that we have built our business on honesty, integrity, and attention to detail. We believe that the moment someone steps into the gate of an apartment complex or a house, they need to be transported into a space that is at once welcoming, comforting and distinct.

The Alekhya Experience is characterized by complete adherence to our design values and principles. We believe in creating homes whose beauty is marked by simplicity, derived from nature and above-all is organic in architecture.

Each home we build is characterized by sensitivity to site and structure. Our design values and principles guide us in every project we take up and ensure that the outcome is always delightful to our clients



When you engage with Alekhya Homes, we make sure that every interaction is delightful and enriching. Because we believe that the joy of owning the home of your dreams should start with the planning stage. In us, you will find trusted friends who will advise you and hold your hand through every step of the buying process.

Our team will help you identify the home that best fits your needs and budgets. And explain each and every detail of all the processes that follow. From signing up to make a purchase to the handover of the house keys. Being completely transparent in our processes, we will ensure that there is no ambiguity about status and schedules at any point in time. Because we believe that we are building something more important than homes. Relationships.



Aside from the fact that every construction of Alekhya Homes meets the highest standards in building and materials that age gracefully over the years, we do not wash off our hands from a project after it is delivered. Rather, we take an active part in maintaining and evolving the space.

Whether it is developing community parks around the site or creating a fertile base for biodiversity, or even performing regular checks on the general upkeep of the property. We feel responsible for ensuring that the homes we build always appreciate in value and continue to delight those who inhabit it. Because we believe that our relationship does not end when you take possession of your home from us. It just begins

Blend of Art, Engineering, and Technology

Design and Ethics

What goes behind each of our projects.